The launching of the playstation 4 is inevitable. The playstation has become less of a gaming console and more of an entertainment system. The blue ray disc reading capability integrated in the playstation 3 further demonstrates what playstation has to offer to consumers of entertainment, in other words, what playstation has to offer to everybody. Our guess here at is that the playstation 4 will require a great amount of online interactivity. We hope to provide all of you playstation lovers and ps4 gamers the latest news regarding the playstation 4.

For all you playstation gamers who enjoyed the PSX, PS2, and the PS3, you have nothing to worry about. It have already been rumors circulating that the Playstation 4 will show its head in or around the year 2010. Even though the Playstation 4 release date won’t be announced anytime soon, it still must be exciting for all you diehard playstation fans. Each generation of the playstation has outdone its predecessor by far and seeing how powerful the Playstation 3 is, it must get the fans adrenaline pumping.

The Playstation 3 has already surprised many of the people who have contributed to its development. It has exceeded everybodies expectations and our guess is, that it will continue to do so up to the very moment the Playstation 4 is released and blows everybody off their feet.

As stated in the articles below as well as in the news section, the Playstation 4 release date is as of now 2010. There is no definite date yet or any word that they have started on it, but as they did when the Ps2 was released, it is possible that they started working on the Playstation 4 (PS4) as soon as the Ps3 as released.

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